Ordinary World – New and Improved!

Now available! Ordinary World, Second Edition!

The debut novel that thrilled thousands of readers is back. It’s now better formatted, and includes a Foreword by professional narrator Scott Pollak.

Why does Scott love the book so much? In his words, it’s an “intelligent, believable, relevant masterpiece…”

Ordinary World  tells the story of a rural family experiencing an economic collapse that affects every aspect of their lives. Food and fuel become scarce. Much that they take for granted is no longer available. It’s a scenario that both the Great Recession and the Covid pandemic have shown us is all too possible.

But it’s not just a dystopian novel. It’s a story of family, friendship, love, loss, and joy. Its characters aren’t perfect. They aren’t superheroes, and they don’t have superpowers or superweapons. They don’t have all the answers. They’re just a family trying to survive and take care of those they care about.

We still have copies of the first edition. They’re on sale for $9.99 while they last!