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Domino Theory, by D.J. Mitchell

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A gritty mystery introducing amateur detective Danny McCabe!

What if you woke up next to a dead man... and you didn't know if you killed him?

Danny McCabe comes to in a car parked in the desert. The man in the passenger seat is a dead drug dealer, and Danny’s not sure if he killed him. Soon, more drug dealers die, leaving a trail of physical evidence that points to Danny. He knows he’s been framed, and he knows he’s the perfect fall guy: an addict no one will miss. To survive, he needs to discover who’s framing him. To do that, he needs to get clean. In desperation, he turns to a sober woman named Alicia. With two of her friends, they begin to unravel the puzzle. But staying clean isn’t easy for Danny, and he suspects Alicia may not be what she appears. With no one to trust, Danny tries to sort out the conspiracy on his own. But his worst enemy may be his own mind!

A heart-pounding mystery with an intimate look into the strange and crazy world of an addict.

"The prose is crisp, the plot is well-tuned, and the portrait of a drug addict from inside his own head is shockingly real." --Nasncy Heisey, Eastrern Mennonite University

Pages: 248

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