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Shadow of a Dream, by D.J. Mitchell

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In this sequel to This Thing of Darkness, Sam Winslow has retired from peacemaking for a quiet life with his wife, Annie. Then a midnight phone call brings him back to a war-torn country once more. The island nation of Vedanta has been at war for decades, but a few government officials now want peace, and Sam must carry a secret peace initiative to the rebel leader. Sam soon realizes that the letter he carries is not really a secret, and that powerful enemies will stop at nothing to ensure his mission fails. As events spiral out of control, Sam refuses to give up on the dream of peace. But to achieve his goals, he must first stay alive.

"The books of the Sam Winslow series are some of the best I've read in a long time! I love the peace-agent as hero." --Reader comment

Pages: 294

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