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Steve's Grace, by D.J. Mitchell

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A tale of redemption-- the hard way.

Steve Grace isn't a bad guy. But he's not a good guy, either. He's an accountant for a crooked company. He hates religious people. He cheats on his wife, but he thinks every husband does.A trip to Las Vegas isn't unusual, but this one goes far beyond anything he imagined. Haunted by shame and with his marriage in jeopardy, he wonders if he's been too quick to dismiss God.With the help of a therapist, Steve's memories begin to return, and he realizes he did something truly unforgivable. Overcome with horror, he has a psychotic episode and loses all memory of the trip and the weeks since he got home.A stay in the mental hospital brings his memories back. Confronted with the magnitude of his sin, he decides to give his life to God. He gives out sandwiches to the homeless, joins a church, and rescues a young prostitute. But is his newfound faith real, or is he still crazy"Engaging, well-paced, and incredibly thought-provoking. Some books entertain and then fade away; some books stick with you long afterwards and make you think. This is one of the latter. Are there parts that made me uncomfortable? Yes. Were there situations and decisions that made me cringe? Absolutely! Could I put it down? Nope." --Reader comment

Pages: 402

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