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The Mythics, by D.J. Mitchell

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UPC: 978-1677794348
Brand: D.J. Mitchell

Elm, an Outlander and a deserter from the army, lives in shame and fear. If the King’s men find him, he will surely be executed. His one pleasure is visiting an ancient and forgotten cave temple. There he dreams of better days, and of his landlord’s beautiful daughter. Teha, Commander of the Army, owes his position and standing to the order established by the gods. When the King takes a heretical priest as an advisor, everything Teha believes in stands in jeopardy. In a forgotten city in the mountains, an old monk uses spiritual gifts to seek an ancient prophecy of peace and justice. Aided by a mysterious old woman, he works to prevent a war in the realm of the gods that would devastate the world of men. A routine decision by the King sends these three men on a collision course that will change the world.

Pages: 298

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