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This Thing of Darkness, by D.J. Mitchell

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After an unexpected tragedy, Sam Winslow finds himself questioning his purpose in life. He leaves his accounting job in Los Angeles to work for peace in Sri Lanka. His quest to understand the war leads him to the jungles of Sri Lanka's no man's land. Teamed with his whimsical yet cynical roommate, Richard Hendrix, they are soon joined by an unlikely team consisting of a serious-minded priest and a wisecracking rabbi. But all is not as it seems, and no one wants the truth known. Their greatest challenge lies ahead as exploding violence threatens their lives and their sanity. Based on an actual journey the author made while working for peace in Sri Lanka, This Thing of Darkness is more than a travelogue. It explores the roots of war, and suggests that what Sam Winslow learns in Sri Lanka can be applied to many conflicts in the world.

This is the first book in the Sam Winslow "Peacemaker" series.

Pages: 122

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