U.S. Debt Default Coming? Read Ordinary World!

The U.S. may default on its debt next month. We thought it couldn’t happen. (At least, not since the financial crisis of 2008, right?) But here it is again: the possibility of a financial meltdown.

As we wait, may we suggest reading Ordinary World, a novel which follows the life of a rural family during just such a crisis.

It’s available in paperback from us, and in paperback, Kindle, and audiobook from Amazon.

Midwest Book Review on The Soul of an Addict

The Soul of an Addict’s ability to delve into the heart of the addictive personality and mindset leads readers onto a path of discovery and insights on the path away from addictive traits and habits… [The book] is an eye-opening, relevant, insightful guide that’s highly recommended for any individual interested in addiction…

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A Most Practical Book

My eyes have been opened to dimensions of addiction I never knew about. One of the most practical books I have read in a long while, I expect to use it in my relationships with persons who have addictions. I recommend it to anyone wanting to better understand and relate to people in their lives who suffer addiction.

–Suzy Kanode, Pastor and Spiritual Director

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Ordinary World – New and Improved!

Now available! Ordinary World, Second Edition!

The debut novel that thrilled thousands of readers is back. It’s now better formatted, and includes a Foreword by professional narrator Scott Pollak.

Why does Scott love the book so much? In his words, it’s an “intelligent, believable, relevant masterpiece…”

Ordinary World  tells the story of a rural family experiencing an economic collapse that affects every aspect of their lives. Food and fuel become scarce. Much that they take for granted is no longer available. It’s a scenario that both the Great Recession and the Covid pandemic have shown us is all too possible.

But it’s not just a dystopian novel. It’s a story of family, friendship, love, loss, and joy. Its characters aren’t perfect. They aren’t superheroes, and they don’t have superpowers or superweapons. They don’t have all the answers. They’re just a family trying to survive and take care of those they care about.

We still have copies of the first edition. They’re on sale for $9.99 while they last!


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More Praise for The Soul of an Addict

“If you thought you understood addiction, think again, and read this book. While this is a book by a fine writer, it is more importantly by someone who is himself in recovery. It draws on a wide variety of research and experience and avoids easy answers. A must read for the non-addict who is trying to understand the huge society problem of addiction.” –Russ Eanes, author of The Walk of a Lifetime

“The best explanation I’ve ever read about addiction for the non-addict.” –Ed Marshall, recovering addict

“Your style is lucid and compelling.” Brendon Walls, Catholic Charities

“This is one of the best overviews of addiction and recovery… It is very readable with examples throughout, and provides a good overview of various approaches to understanding and treating addiction with a fair critique of these. As one who has a doctorate in religion, I find your description of addiction to be realistic, convincing, and very helpful to recognize the god-like power that makes so much sense to the devotee.” Linford Stutzman, Eastern Mennonite University

Praise for the Soul of an Addict

“The book elucidates the agony of addiction in a fresh, new way. It emphasizes the role of trauma in setting the stage for debilitating behaviors, and explains the importance of community support in the healing process. With anecdotes of many people who grapple with addiction and have survived, as well as sad stories of addicts who died, this book provides healthy doses of grit and inspiration.” –Christopher Key Chapple, Loyola Marymount University

The Soul of an Addict: Nonfiction by D.J. Mitchell

It’s available! In both paperback and Kindle formats. The Soul of an Addict: Unlocking the Complex Nature of Addiction, by D.J. Mitchell.

Addiction is more complex than it may seem. Written for the non-addict who seeks to understand substance addiction, The Soul of an Addict shows that addiction not just a disease or a choice. Using statistics, anecdotes from the lives of addicts, and the author’s personal experience with addiction and recovery, the book argues that addiction affects all aspects of human existence, including identity, purpose, life structure, and morality. It serves as a religion in the addict’s life, and any approach to recovery must also provide these essential needs. With one in seven Americans struggling with substance abuse, this book brings a timely analysis for anyone concerned about addiction.


“A must-read… As a therapist I will be recommending this book to my clients.” –Milt McLelland, CMHC, Roots Counseling Center

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